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Remember Grandma's homemade Gefilte Fish...?

After hours of standing on line at the fish store..... and then having the fish swim around in the bath tub.

Grandma used to spend all day in the kitchen cleaning, skinning and mincing, with fins and scales flying all over the kitchen floor....

The mincer she had, was only big enough to do one large carp at a time. Meanwhile, a shriek from the bathroom catches everyone in the kitchen off guard and alerts the attention towards the bathroom. Little Benji had taken advantage of the situation, and while everyone was so intensely focused on gefilte fish concoction. Benji had taken to exploring the nature of live carp fish and had let the water out of the bathtub.

Well you know the rest of the story. Commotion erupted, with live carp jumping around the bathroom floor. One carp was already making its way to the living room.

"Oy-vey", came the next crisis from the kitchen. Grandma lost count on how many eggs she cracked up into the mix. "Call Auntie Doris to see if she can come and rescue the situation!!".....

That’s the way it was in the 1950's, and when retelling it to our children, they can only visualize it in black and white.....

Fast forward to year 2000, here's how simple Grandma's Gefilte fish is today, thanks to our innovation..... We've prepared the entire raw mix, using premium quality white fish or salmon, fresh from the sea... forget the cleaning and mincing we take care of all that.

We used the right amount of spices, adding freshly chopped onions to create this great formula. Even the eggs we use are freshly opened at our plant and checked individually before being added to the mix.

We DID NOT add substitutes, powders or artificial flavors an absolute NO NO according to Grandma.

The fresh mix is immediately blast frozen in loaf shapes, wrapped in grease paper and kept frozen until ready to use.

Now it's your turn, you don't even defrost it, all you do is add your favorite seasoning with a healthy dash of love and cook to perfection.

Hey! And by the way, whilst cooking, the aroma wafting through your house will have your senses flash back to the 1950's in Grandma's house.....She Would Be Very proud

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